Karen Knutson: Painting With Wild Abandon



Karen Knutson
“Painting With Wild Abandon”
Three Day Acrylic/Permanent Marker Workshop
January 21-23, 2019
9:30am – 4:00pm
$425 ($400 if paid in full by check 60 days prior to the workshop)
Credit card payments do not qualify for discount. Click here to download a registration form to mail with your check. 

This workshop will be held at the Pinellas Park Church of Christ, 6045 Park Blvd., Pinellas Park, FL 

“Wire drawings are my new favorite thing to do! They are done with permanent markers, but they look like they are wire sculptures! That’s why I invented the name, wire drawings.” -Karen

If you struggle with drawing, that’s good, because wrong lines actually make these better. There are many steps to create the look of a 3 dimensional image. It has to be seen to be understood. Watercolor and acrylic will enhance these paintings. One day we will be working in acrylics to produce paintings that resemble Gustav Klimt patterns. We will actually be using a credit card to spread the paint! Subjects will include birds, animals, dragonflies, people, or student’s choice. By the end of the workshop, we will learn how to think abstractly, and do a wire drawing design for an abstract painting. Wire drawing will make all of your paintings better in a speedy manner. This workshop has been a hit with all of Karen’s students! Karen is a very popular workshop instructor who believes that painting should be fun and easy, but with good design!


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