Wayne Dabinet

Wayne and his wife Deborah are owners of the Moonfish Bay Gallery in Madiera Beach, FL and are our Guest Artists for August 2013. Both artists will demonstrate and exhibit their art. 

Demo: August 2, 2013
Demos begin at 5pm

"Now You See It, Now You Don’t"

Wayne Dabinet will show how a single piece of metal will hold the key to the puzzle that is a completed piece of sculpture.

The Art of Wayne Dabinet

The things that I build are already there in the metal, my job is to find them. One single piece of metal will hold the key to the rest of the puzzle. The rest of the puzzle pieces will either show themselves, or, by their absence, tell me that they need to be fabricated. The fiery violence of the electric arc is the element that brings the steel together, and, after it subsides and the ticking metal cools, the finished piece presents itself.


Wayne Dabinet
Moonfish Bay Gallery & Artist Studio
218 150th Avenue
Madeira Beach, FL 33708