Deborah Dabinet

Deborah and her husband Wayne are owners of the Moonfish Bay Gallery in Madiera Beach, FL and are our Guest Artists for August 2013. Both artists will demonstrate and exhibit their art. 

Demo, August 2, 2013
Demos begin at 5pm: 

"A Canvas is not Always Canvas – The Fine Art of Silk Painting"

Deborah Dabinet will demonstrate the basic techniques of using white silk and dyes for producing her colorful 2D paintings.    

Original Works on Silk 
by Deborah Dabinet

Artist’s Statement

Silk painting is a medium that gives me great satisfaction and enjoyment. The rich colors, the texture and flow of the silk, and the challenging complexities of the medium, combine to form a creative experience that is singularly unique. My greatest source of inspiration is a love of the vibrant colors and compelling natural beauty of Florida and the Caribbean. My goal is to communicate those same feelings to the viewer through my artwork. Art can be a joyful experience!


The Silk Painting Process

Silk produces spectacular results when used as a traditional “canvas” with permanent fabric dyes as the “paint”. The incredible range and intensity of color achievable with fabric dyes transitions from the softest hues and tints to the bold richness of pure color. I start with white silk and stretch it tightly on a wooden frame. Working on a horizontal plane I create the basic design for the work using graphite and various types of resist (a fluid barrier that, when cured or dried, restricts the flow of liquid dyes and allows the artist control of dye placement). Within these outlined borders I apply various dyes in a number of different fashions, most often with a brush as in “conventional painting”. The piece is then heat treated to ensure permanence of the dyes and resists and any excess dyes are removed. The artwork is then mounted and framed for presentation.


Deborah Dabinet

Moonfish Bay Gallery & Artist Studio
Madeira Beach, Fl 33708