​by Lorraine Ulen

No… I’m not referring to my wild youth! I am often asked how I achieve the texture in the background of my Lorrealism paintings. It isn’t an easy question to answer because I use a variety of methods and products, but one of my favorite products to use to create texture is Golden  Soft Gel. Soft Gel is a clear acrylic polymer that can be used to create rich texture, but it’s magic doesn’t stop there! It can be tinted for glazing, thinned to create a barrier coat, or even used as an adhesive for collage. Golden Soft Gel is probably my favorite acrylic product; so much so that I buy it by the gallon!

Feel free to ask any questions you might have about using this product, or you can contact me to find out about my classes at Art Trysts Studio in Clearwater, FL.